I have had extensive training in Trauma Therapy including international accreditation to provide EMDR and Compassion Focused Therapy. These therapies  are aimed at providing the client with the education, skills and problem solving ability to manage the problem for which they are seeking assistance. Psychological therapy is a collaborative, goal directed process where the client and the therapist work together to achieve the goals set by the client themselves.

Additionally I have been trained in Interpersonal Psychotherapy which is a recognised treatment for depression and works best for clients with role issues, interpersonal problems or unresolved grief issues. It is also useful for clients for whom English is a second language, or for those with poor language skills or who are more practically than verbally focussed.

I provide clinical psychological therapies that are based on research evidence and shown to be effective with a focus in tailoring them to meet the needs of the client and his or her problems at a pace that they can cope with.

I also teach Mindfulness as a strategy for maintaining mental wellness.

I provide services to adults, children and families and can provide a home visit service as required.

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